Art in Place / the Place of Art is a year-long celebration of local and global artists, and an exploration of the way art shapes—and is shaped by—the places in which we live.

Sonya Clark

In the fall of 2011, faculty from the departments of music, theater and dance, and art and the history of art—along with representatives from the Mead Art Museum and Frost Library—came together to envision "Art in Place / the Place of Art" as the theme for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Supported by Amherst’s Copeland Colloquium and the Amherst Art Series Fund, seven artists from around the world are joining the Amherst community as Copeland Fellows.  The artists will make connections with Amherst faculty and students, and public audiences all year long.

Along with the Copeland Fellows, a roster of special guest artists and Amherst arts faculty and staff will host a series of arts events that transform our understanding of different places, the way art and place interact, and the role of the arts in an academic community.

Please explore the 2012/13 Copeland Fellows, along with the many arts events offered to the community. 



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Support has been provided by the Copeland Colloquium Fund,
the Amherst Arts Series Fund and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

Motoda Hisaharu, Miyoshi Kozo, Yamaguchi Akira
are presented in collaboration with the Toshiba International Foundation.

Art in Place / the Place of Art is a collaboration among the departments of Music, Theater and Dance,
and Art and the History of Art, and the Mead Art Museum and Frost Library at Amherst College.