This year, seven artists from across the world have been named Copeland Fellows.  Each will be in residence at Amherst for one semester.  In addition, a group of special guest artists have been invited to come to Amherst and share their work.

Explore the biographies and work of the Copeland Fellows and other guest artists.

      Fall Fellows                              Spring Fellows                           Special Guest Artists

The Copeland Colloquium was established in 1971 by Morris A. Copeland, Class of 1917, and his wife, Mary, with the intent “to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and different perspectives to engage with faculty and students at Amherst College in a way designed to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas.” The Copeland Fellows, who often participate in colloquia and other programming on campus, bring to the College a variety of perspectives and interests, enriching the Amherst community.