Exploring Cyber-performance with the Copeland Fellows

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Fall break is over, and the semester rolls on at Amherst College. We've got two events coming up in the next week, both relating to the field of cyber-performance.

On FRIDAY, October 12, Amherst will host a live node for the CyPosium — an international online symposium on cyberperformance. You can see the schedule at the link above. The symposium starts at 10 AM with a presentation called "Cyber­for­mance? Dig­i­tal or Net­worked Per­for­mance? Cyberthe­aters? Or Vir­tual The­atres? … or all of the above?" and continues with three blocks of discussion. Starting at 5 PM, you can come to Studio 1 in Webster to watch the last block, which features two of our Copeland Fellows, Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham, members of the group Active Layers. There will be two other presentations to see as well, and an epilogue concluding the whole symposium will follow. Please stop by for one or all of the talks! You can read more about the schedule at the facebook event page.

And on MONDAY, October 15, at 4:30 in Frost Library, Suzon will give an informal presentation on Waterwheel, a collaborative online venue for streaming, mixing media, and sharing ideas about water, as a topic or metaphor — at water-wheel.net. It is currently active and available for use by students, artists & activists, so check it out!

Waterwheel interface

Waterwheel investigates and celebrates this constant yet volatile global resource, fundamental element, environmental issue, political dilemma, universal theme and symbol of life. It encourages you to explore and discover, share and collaborate, contribute and participate.

 Waterwheel calls on everyone—performers and artists, scientists and environmentalists, students and academics, you and me, anyone and anywhere—to test the water, dive in, make a splash and start a wave. It provides a platform and forum for experience and exchange, expression and experimentation.

 Waterwheel draws together different people, practices, places, media and modes of expression. There are no borders or boundaries. Waterwheel flows along its natural course.

Suzon will give a virtual tour of Waterwheel and answer questions from the audience. Come if you are interested in learning about a new tool for sharing and creating work online. 

October 7 Site specific performance at the Mead

The Mead Art Museum is hosting a performance event affiliated with the Amherst Biennial — presenting some of the finest artwork created in the last two years from Western Massachusetts in unusual places throughout the town of Amherst.

Artist Karen Dolmanisth will present a mindful movement performance including visual art and installation elements this Sunday at noon at the Stearns Chapel in front of the Mead Museum. This will be the opening of her work as an artist-in-residence, building an installation over the two-month run of the Biennial, and concluding with another performance on November 30.

If you are around campus this fall break, come by the Mead Sunday at noon to check it out!

A conversation with the Copeland Fellows Monday 10/1

As you may know, the Art in Place / the Place of Art series is one and the same as Amherst College's 2012/13 Copeland Colloquium, a program which brings artists and scholars from outside onto Amherst College campus to interact with faculty and students. On Monday, October 1 we will be having a panel discussion entitled "Art in Research / the Place of Research in Art" at the Frost Library. In fact, the library is co-sponsoring the event, as it is part of their series on intersections between research, the arts, and cultural production. 

The panel will begin a conversation about different ways that "research" and artistic processes overlap — how our understanding of one concept can relate to the other, and for some of our fellows the two are very much the same thing! 

Participating on the panel will be:

  • Suzon Fuks, Australia-based director and initiator of Water Wheel, an online performance and conference platform
  • James Cunningham, Australia-based choreographer and movement artist
  • Alice Hoult, London-based scenic designer and visual artist

The panel will be moderated by Ivone Barriga, a Five College fellow living on Amherst Campus, who works with community theater practices in Peru. 

Join us in the Reading Room, on the first floor of Frost Library at 4:30 PM on Monday October 1 for a fascinating, medium-crossing discussion. 

A whirlwind of Art & Place this weekend

This weekend, why not celebrate the changing of the seasons and the passage of time with an Art in Place event? 

On FRIDAY, September 21, DJs Bostich & Fussible from the Nortec Collective will be playing at Buckley Recital Hall in the Arms Music Center. The Nortec Collective's work is a collision between the music, style and culture of electronic music with those of norteño and tambora, two music genres indigenous to the North of Mexico. These styles are characterized by their use of accordions and double bass (norteño

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); tubas, clarinets, horns and pumping bass drums (tambora
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) and quirky use of percussion and polyrhytmic snare drum rolls (both). All of these elements are used to create a sound that is very Tijuana. This event is at 8:00 PM and is free and open to the public. 

Complementing the concert, on SATURDAY at 3 PM there will be a screening of filmmaker Hans Fjellestad's "Frontier Life", a documentary about Tijuana. It delves into the arenas of underground street racing, wastewater management, and the emergence of Nortec music. After the film, there will be a Q&A session with Mr. Fjellestad, as well as Bostich and Fussible, led by Amherst Professor of Film & Media Studies Amelie Hastie.

Finally, SATURDAY at 8 PM in Buckley Recital Hall, clarinetist David Rothenberg brings art and science together with a solo concert of music inspired by nature: the communicative sounds of birds, whales, insects, water and wind. This concert is presented in collaboration with the Center for the Contemplative Mind.

David Rothenberg
Hope to see you there!

Miyoshi Kozo lectures on Thursday 9/13

MiyoK_work1Japanese black-and-white photographer Miyoshi Kozo will give a lecture on his work, some of which is displayed at the Mead in their semester-long exhibition, "Reinventing Tokyo: Japan's Largest City in the Artistic Imagination." 

The talk will start at 4:30 in Pruyne, and will be followed by a walk to the gallery at the Mead, where the artist will discuss his work further. 

Learn more about Mr. Miyoshi from an interview he gave about his Sakura project, in which he discusses why he prefers to shoot in black and white, and what the utility of a large, cumbersome camera is. 

"I’ve lived in big cities such as New York and San Francisco, and my Japanese residence is in Tokyo, but in order to pursue my art I always head out to the countryside. It’s the same wherever I find myself."

Two Performances on Friday 9/7

This FRIDAY, Sept 7, there are two Art in Place / the Place of Art events happening on campus. 

Dawn Saito performing

The first is the gala opening of the Mead's fall exhibition, "Reinventing Tokyo: Japan's Largest City in the Artistic Imagination", which will feature a performance by Butoh dancer Dawn Saito. Ms. Saito is a New York-based actress/performance artist, writer and Butoh dancer/choreographer. Her recent multi-disciplinary works include Blood Cherries, directed by Jonathan Rosenberg and Sabrina Peck, premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, and A Face of Our Own, a music/Butoh piece in collaboration with composer Myra Melford presented at the Orpheum Theatre in Graz, Austria. The performance will be at 4:30. Come early or stay late to check out the terrific exhibition! 

 The second performance is in the evening, at 7 in the Kirby Theater. The 5 College Theater & Dance department is presenting a faculty dance concert, featuring works by new faculty member at Amherst and Mt Holyoke Paul Matteson, as well as by Fritha Pengelly, Candace Salyers and Katie Martin. Come and enjoy a variety of new dance works!

Hope to see you there!

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Reinventing Tokyo: Japan's Largest City in the Artistic Imagination
Opening event of a semester-long exhibit, featuring a Butoh performance by Dawn Saito.
Friday, Sept. 7, 4:30 p.m., Mead Art Museum

On Stage / In Place
A faculty dance concert featuring new works by Paul Matteson, Fritha Pengelly, Candice Salyers & Katie Martin.  Friday, Sept. 7, 7:00 p.m., Kirby Theater

NORTEC Collective presents Bostich + FussibleNORTEC_head1A night of high-energy techno music from bordertown Tijuana.
Friday, Sept. 21, 8 p.m., Buckley Recital Hall, Arms Music Center

Frontier Life
A feature-length documentary film by Hans Fjellestad that features music by NORTEC Collective. The film explores underground street racing, wastewater management and an emerging style of music in contemporary Tijuana. A discussion with the filmmaker and musicians follows, moderated by Professor Amelie Hastie. Saturday, Sept. 22, 3 p.m., Stirn Auditorium


 . . . a gathering of global artists

Art in Place / the Place of Art is a year-long celebration of local and global artists, and an exploration of the way art shapes—and is shaped by—the places in which we live.  

Join us for a rousing year of performances, installations, collaborations, and discussion.  more


The Fellows 

Supported by Amherst’s Copeland Colloquium visiting artist/scholar program, seven artists from around the world are joining the Amherst community as Copeland Fellows.  The artists will make connections with Amherst faculty and students, and public audiences all year long.  more


Along with the fellows, a roster of special guest artists and Amherst arts faculty and staff will host a series of arts events that transform our understanding of different places, the way art and place interact, and the role of the arts in an academic community.  more


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