Copeland Colloquium 2014-2015

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Words in Transit: The Cultures of Translation seeks to foster a global multimedia dialogue on the role translation plays in contemporary culture. We intend to explore the art of translation as an effort across languages and literatures, and also, more broadly, as a medium for understanding and interpreting cultural encounters, political exchanges, and the fostering of technology in facilitating human thought – in short, as a vital intellectual enterprise that challenges commonplace assumptions about culture, society, and politics.

At a time when the Humanities are under threat, the objective is for the Colloquium to utilize cutting-edge technological resources (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, digital books, etc.) to create an encompassing global dialogue by connecting our campus with scholars, translators, politicians, activists, journalists, and other internationally-known figures.

Our focus on the uses of technology and short visits by major figures means that, unlike previous years, this iteration of the Colloquium does not intend to bring semester- or year-long Copeland fellows to campus. This experiment should not only match the needs of our specific program, but also be of value to the Colloquium’s continual adjustment to new modes of intellectual exchange. The goal will be on the intensity of the visit and the possibilities opened up by new media distribution and conversation.


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Words in Transit steering committee:

Ilan Stavans

Cathy Ciepiela

     John Drabinski     

Project Coordinator: Ryan Mihaly

Student Coordinator: Melih Levi


Participating Institutions:


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