The Social Life of Guns—2016-2017 Copeland Theme

This year’s  Copeland Colloquium is “The Social Life of Guns.” The Colloquium will explore how and why do guns become objects of social identity?  What is the importance of these objects in defining the meaning of citizenship? Should the problem of gun violence be thought about as an epidemiological issue or as a matter of criminal justice? Explorations of these questions might take myriad forms. It will look at the literary and symbolic life of guns and those who study guns as objects of cultural practice and ritual across the world.  It will also seek to investigate the importance of guns in changing social and political conditions, including-for example-in colonial expansion by European powers, in the militarization of “the police,” or in racially charged violence in U.S. cities. Visit the program’s web page to learn more about this year’s fellows and upcoming events.

About the Copeland Colloquium

The Copeland Colloquium offers small groups of scholars, artists, and performers the opportunity to explore a common theme in residence at Amherst College in colloquy with each other, Amherst faculty members and Amherst students. Read more about the Copeland Colloquium program in the Program Description.

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