The Mellon Tutorial Pilot Project


With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Amherst College is able to offer a tutorial project designed to strengthen opportunities for student-faculty research collaboration in the social sciences and humanities. The project seeks to develop and offer approximately six tutorials per year, small-group experiences based on the research of Amherst Faculty. These tutorials are designed to enable students to engage in meaningful, substantive research with faculty before their senior year.

By exploring how different scholars approach a topic, students will learn to frame a research question, develop research strategies, and identify and use sources, be they archival, textual, electronic, human, or artifact. The tutorials facilitate the student’s engagement with a research topic that dovetails closely with the scholarly interests of the faculty mentor. In some cases, the faculty mentor’s project may lend itself to faculty-student collaboration; in others, participating students will explore related questions, with the potential that the work of faculty mentor and student can each enrich the other.

Students who enroll in these courses will be designated Mellon Research Fellows and will be eligible for research support during the summer to continue the research projects they began with their tutorial instructors.

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COLQ 230  Cultural Agency:  Dance, Democracy and Tourism in Bahia, Brazil  Professor Suárez 

COLQ 232  Suicide Protest Professor Poe

COLQ 234  America’s Death Penalty  Professor Sarat

COLQ 236  Art, Things, Spaces, and Places from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment Professor Courtright

COLQ 237  The Senses in Motion  Professor Gilpin

COLQ 239  The Place of Memory: Engaging in History in the Digital World Professor Brooks

COLQ 333  Advanced Topics in Latin America’s Political Economy Professor Corrales

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