Research Tutorials in the Humanities and "Humanistic" Social Sciences


Research Tutorials, which are listed in the college catalog as colloquia, offer faculty and students the opportunity to collaborate on shared research projects in the humanities and “humanistic” social sciences. The enrollment for each tutorial is limited to six students.  Offered for sophomores and juniors, the courses present ongoing research on a series of related questions in the faculty member’s area of expertise. By exploring how different scholars approach a topic, students learn to frame a research question, develop research strategies, and identify and use sources. Students pursue a research topic that dovetails closely with the professor’s scholarly interests. 

Students enrolled in these courses are guaranteed funding for  six weeks of work during the summer following the academic year in which they take the course.

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COLQ 234  America’s Death Penalty  Professor Sarat

COLQ 240  The Making of Dictionaries     Professor Stavans

COLQ 246  Natives in Transit: Indian Entertainment, Urban Life & Activism, 1930-1970         Professor Vigil

COLQ 248  Secret Lives of the Late-Soviet Stage: The Archive and the Repertoire              Professor Wolfson

COLQ 252  Future People Puzzles               Professor Moore

COLQ 332  Cities, Schools and Space            Professor Moss and Dr. Anderson

COLQ 342 Hearing Difference: The Political Economy of Accent        Professor Rangan

COLQ 347  Casting and Identity Politics                Professor Eliraz


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