Dean of the Faculty

Faculty Computer Committee


The Faculty Computer Committee consists of three faculty members appointed by the Committee of Six for two-year terms and one student member elected by the student government. In addition, the Chief Information Officer (IT), the Director of Academic Technology Services (ATS), and the Librarian of the College are ex officio members without vote. One of the faculty members serves as chair. The committee advises the CIO and the Director of ATS on topics related to the use of computer technology in support of research and instruction and on other IT issues affecting the academic life of the College.


Professor Buffy Aries
Professor Michael Hood
Professor Justin Kimball, chair
Dr. Bryn Geffert, Librarian, ex officio
Professor Jack Cheney, Associate Dean of the Faculty, ex officio
Bridget Dahill, Interim Assistant Director of Academic Technology Services, ex officio
David Hamilton, Interim Chief Information Officer, ex officio