Dean of the Faculty

Resources for Spouses and Partners

The Dean is happy to discuss with candidates for faculty positions opportunities in the Five-College area that may be available for their spouses or partners.  We recommend that candidates also consult the following web sites.

Academic Career Network:

Amherst participates in the Academic Career Network, a program that connects job candidates to openings at a consortium of institutions, including the Five Colleges and other local and regional institutions. The Academic Career Network (ACN) helps campuses accommodate dual career couples. It is common for colleges and universities to offer positions to one member of a couple, but not have a job available for the other member. ACN provides couples with easy access to job postings at dozens of colleges and universities in New England and upstate New York. In addition, member campuses belong to a listserv on which deans and human resources directors share resumes of job-seeking partners and spouses. ACN is administered through and based at Five Colleges, Incorporated in Amherst, Massachusetts. For information about contacting ACN, view the ACN Contact page.

The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium:


Geoffrey Sanborn
Professor of English

"In both my scholarship and my teaching, I am guided by an understanding of literature as a kind of writing in which, in the words of Toni Morrison’s narrator in Sula, “anything could be anywhere,” a kind of writing in which we are invited to be attuned to the possibility of the unexpected. In my scholarship, this has led me to be especially interested in overlooked passages, works, writers, and intertextual relationships; in my teaching, it has led me to seek out ways of getting everyone involved in the discussion and keeping the discussion as unpredictable as possible. My work to date has focused on the Pacific islands—New Zealand in particular—Herman Melville, aesthetics, the nineteenth-century African-American writer William Wells Brown, database searching, and various aspects of the relationship between biology and literature, and my literary obsessions include the writings of Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Stoddard, and James Welch. I am excited by the prospect of having these interests both developed and transformed by Amherst’s rich, varied intellectual culture and its intense commitment to undergraduate teaching."

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