Instructions for Designation of Appointment Type and Hiring Costs for Graduate Assistantships


Departments must request, for approval (and funding) from the Dean of the Faculty, to employ a graduate student.  (If the graduate student is being paid by funds other than Dean's funds this is not required.)

The Academic Department Coordinator will prepare their department’s portion of the forms (# I. on the DAT form) and send them (via email attachment) to the Dean of the Faculty’s office (mcfowler@amherst) for review. 

After review, the forms will be sent by the Dean’s office to the UMass Graduate office to complete their portion (# II.) 

When the UMass portion has been completed, they will send the forms back to the Dean of the Faculty’s office to obtain the Dean’s signature.

After the Dean signs - the forms are complete and sent back to UMass (copy of completed form will be sent to department ADC).   

DAT and Calculator form

For more information please visit the University of Massachusetts Graduate Assistantship Office website: