During each year in which a faculty member serves as chair, he or she may choose whether to receive an honorarium ($6,500 during the first two years of chairing and $7,000 during the third year, when chairs serve full-year terms, half of these amounts when they serve for a semester), which would be taxable; the same amounts as research funds, which would not be taxable; or a course release.  Chairs may choose to receive one form of compensation in one year and another in a subsequent year, with the exception of those who select the sabbatical option; chairs who serve for three consecutive years have the option of choosing an additional semester of sabbatical at the conclusion of their three-year term, in lieu of any other form of compensation for their work as chair. Chairs who serve for a semester during any period of their service are not eligible for the course release or sabbatical options.

Please complete the following form by May 21.  Indicate your preference for the academic year 2017-2018 only.  We will ask you each year for your preference.

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