Religious Observances

Many students and Faculty will wish to observe Rosh Hashanah on Friday evening, September 22, through Saturday, September 23. Yom Kippur follows on Sunday evening, October 1, through Monday, October 2. Please respect the right of students, staff, and faculty to observe these holidays as well as other religious holidays when they fall on regular class days.

Sabbatic and Other Leaves

Requests for sabbatic leaves or leaves of absence for the academic year 2006/2007 are due in the Dean of the Faculty's Office by November 1. Faculty members planning leaves in either or both semesters of the 2006/2007 year are asked to discuss their intentions with their Department Chairs before submitting their requests, so that departments can begin their curricular and budgetary planning. All faculty members eligible for leave in 2006/2007 should communicate with the Dean by November 1, even if their plans are still tentative.

Requests for Visiting Faculty

Replacements for faculty members on sabbatic leaves or leaves of absence will not be automatic. Visitors may be requested but our funding for replacements is limited. The deadline for requests for visiting faculty for 2006/2007 is November 1, 2006. This will also be the deadline for Five-College borrows and other single-course hiring for fall 2007.

The deadline for Five-College borrows for the spring 2008 is March 1.