Amherst faculty members may apply for stipends to support scholarly or artistic collaborations or mentoring relationships with colleagues from beyond the Five Colleges. Faculty Partnerships will support pairs of faculty across institutions (including R1 institutions) who wish to pursue particular goals in research, artistic creation, or teaching. Faculty partners might critique one another’s scholarly or artistic work, pursue a new area together, or share curricular ideas. Partnerships may also center on professional mentoring and career guidance. These awards would support campus visits and meetings at professional conferences to enable faculty pairs to focus on shared artistic and intellectual interests. Seminars may focus on scholarly or pedagogical topics and may involve Amherst faculty members traveling to another institution or hosting a seminar on campus.


All tenured and tenure-track faculty at Amherst are eligible for this program.

Proposals for faculty partnership stipends should include the following elements:

  • The name and institution of the faculty member proposed as a faculty partner or mentor. The proposed partner or mentor must submit a letter indicating a desire to participate in the partnership and whether a partnership grant will be sought from his or her home institution.
  • The applicant’s updated curriculum vitae.
  • A description (not to exceed 500 words) of the nature of the collaborative research or creative project or of the objectives of the mentoring relationship.
  • A schedule of campus visits and/or professional conferences at which the applicant and faculty partner plan to meet.
  • A budget for the partnership year.

Proposals for seminars should include the following elements:

  • A description (not to exceed 500 words) of the seminar that includes its purposes and goals
  • Current CVs for all participants
  • A schedule and budget


Awards for these Mellon 8 programs will be based on the strength of the proposal and the quality and depth of the benefits that would result from the proposed scholarly collaboration or mentoring relationship.

Application Procedure:

Proposals for Faculty Partnerships and Seminars have a rolling deadline and will be reviewed by the Dean as they are received.

Post-Award Requirement:

All recipients of Faculty Partnership and Seminar grants will be required to write a report (250 to 500 words) summarizing the work accomplished during time of the grant and its impact on the applicant’s scholarship, creative work, or teaching. This report is due to the Dean of the Faculty within 60 days of the completion of the grant.