Dean of the Faculty

Outside Grants and Fellowships



The Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations provides the following services:

  • Meets with faculty to discuss project ideas
  • Suggests funding sources or ways to identify funding sources
  • Provides an orientation to funding databases
  • Advises faculty during the early stages of narrative and budget development
  • Serves as educated lay readers of proposal drafts
  • Facilitates the internal review of proposals by the Comptroller's Office and others
  • Monitors reporting deadlines and advises on post-award questions

The process of developing a funding proposal requires scholars to consider carefully their work’s contribution to their field and to articulate ideas to a broad audience, providing ways of focusing faculty members’ research plans and contributing to their career development. Grant-supported projects also enhance and expand the educational opportunities available to Amherst students.

Topping Up Policy
Amherst encourages faculty members to apply for outside fellowships and grants that will support and recognize their scholarly and creative work.  To offset some of the financial burden that may result from accepting a fellowship at a level below a faculty member’s regular salary, most often when a leave of absence is required, the College has introduced a new program to provide supplemental salary support.  Beginning this fall, tenure-line faculty members who take a leave of absence to conduct scholarly or creative work under the auspices of an external grant or fellowship will be eligible to receive up to one-half of their salary for the period of their leave, up to one year, to bring the fellowship or grant stipend to the faculty member’s full salary for that time frame.  The College’s policy of longstanding regarding benefits remains applicable.  If a tenure-line faculty member receives a fellowship (or other employment) that includes benefits, the College will cover any uncovered benefits costs, beyond the funds provided by the fellowship or grant, provided that the faculty member contributes the share of benefit costs normally met by a faculty member.  The Dean of the Faculty will review all Topping Up  proposals.

The Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations (FCR) and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty work together to assist faculty with seeking grants to support their research and with compliance requirements. 

Faculty who seek support for their individual research agendas and creative activities and/or for a programmatic or curricular project that will be sponsored by the College as an institution should contact Lisa Stoffer, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations. Jack Cheney, Associate Dean of the Faculty, would also be happy to answer questions and provide guidance.

Steps for Applying for External Grants and Fellowships: