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Mellon 23 AnnouncementDean's Letter requesting Mellon 23 workshop proposals for 2009/2010

In 2006, the Mellon Foundation awarded the Mellon 23, a group of twenty-three liberal arts colleges that includes Amherst, a Faculty Career Enhancement Program grant. This grant is being used to fund collaborative initiatives to support faculty in their scholarly and creative work and to aid them in gaining a broader view of their institutions and of the pressing challenges facing American liberal arts colleges. In February 2008, the Mellon 23 Collaborative Workshop Subcommittee selected for funding nine multi-institution faculty development workshop proposals. The deans/provosts at each Mellon 23 institution agreed that they would provide supplemental support through their own institutional funds to enable additional members of their faculties to participate in the funded workshops.

Workshop Proposals to be Funded for 2009-2010
The Mellon Foundation grant provides funds to support workshops that enable faculty members from Mellon 23 institutions to gather and work together on a subject of mutual interest. Designed and organized by the faculty, the workshops may focus on topics relating to research, curricula, or pedagogy and, where relevant, may be either disciplinary or interdisciplinary. The workshops may take place during the academic year or summer and may be held on member institution campuses or may extend a stay at professional meetings by a day or two. For the upcoming round, up to eight workshops will be funded.  These workshops may take place in the summer of 2009 and during the 2009-2010 academic year.  When designing a proposal, it may be helpful to review the collaborative workshops funded by the Mellon Foundation last year. They are listed at

Proposal Guidelines
Priority will be given to proposals that are planned jointly by several faculty members from three or more (ideally, at least five) of the Mellon 23 institutions. It is hoped that the workshops will foster collaboration among these institutions and might lead to sustained interactions in scholarship or pedagogy among faculty. The Mellon 23 deans/provosts may help identify other interested colleagues at their institutions who might be interested in selected workshops. Funding is also available to support the participation of a limited number of faculty from institutions outside the Mellon 23. The Mellon grant will support the travel expenses for up to two participants from each institution, to a maximum of $1,200 per person. The Mellon 23 deans/provosts may provide supplemental support through their own institutional funds to enable additional colleagues to participate in a given workshop. Workshops may vary in cost and number of participants. Funding levels will depend on the nature and scope of the workshop. The maximum funding for an individual workshop is $20,000.

Workshop proposals should contain the following items:

  • A description (not to exceed 500 words) of the proposed workshop, its rationale and intended audience, its schedule and format, and its intended impact
  • A list of the faculty members who will be the workshop leaders and of other faculty members who will assist in the detailed planning of the workshop.
  • The name, email address, and institutional affiliation of one designated workshop liaison.  This individual must be one of the workshop organizers at the institution that would host the workshop.  He or she will be responsible for submitting the proposal to the dean/ provost at the proposed host institution and for conveying information to the other members of the workshop group.  The dean/provost at the proposed host institution will decide whether the proposal should be forwarded to the collaborative workshop subcommittee of the Mellon 23.
  • Condensed CVs (not to exceed two pages) of the above individuals
  • A preliminary budget, which may support the following:
  • A modest stipend to be shared among the primary workshop organizer(s) ($500 for smaller workshops, up to $1,000 for larger ones)
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for faculty participants from the Mellon 23
  • Travel and accommodation expenses and a modest stipend for speakers from outside the Mellon 23. Please note that $1,000 is the maximum honorarium fee for each speaker. 
  • Modest staff support for organizing the logistics (hotel space, etc.) for the workshop
  • Administrative expenses (mailing of notices, duplication of conference materials, etc.)
  • Plans for the evaluation of the workshop

On behalf of their team, designated workshop liaisons must submit proposals to their dean/provost (who represent the proposed host institution) no later than December 15, 2008. (This step is being taken to avoid the submission of duplicate proposals to multiple deans.) The dean/provost will decide which of the proposal(s) submitted to him or her should be forwarded to the Collaborative Workshop Subcommittee of the Mellon 23 for review.  Proposals are due from the deans/provosts to the subcommittee by January 1, 2009.  Up to eight workshops, depending on the overall budget, will be selected for full development and funding, with announcements expected by mid-February 2009. Once approved, the workshops will be announced by the deans/provosts of the Mellon 23 as they deem appropriate, so that their faculty can express their interest in participating.

Each Mellon 23 Dean/Provost’s office that submits a proposal for consideration by the Mellon 23 Subcommittee must complete a Mellon 23 Faculty Workshop Assessment Form.  This form is being sent as a separate attachment.  Completed forms should be emailed to Emily Robinson at Smith at after award decisions are announced.

The Mellon 23 includes the following institutions: Amherst College, Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Carleton College, Denison University, DePauw University, Furman University, Grinnell College, Harvey Mudd College, Haverford College, Macalester College, Middlebury College, Oberlin College, Pomona College, Reed College, Rhodes College, Scripps College, Smith College, Swarthmore College, Vassar College, Wesleyan University, Wellesley College, and Williams College.

Mellon 23 Workshops Funded in 2008