Funding for Faculty Research and Travel

Annual Allocation for Research and Travel

On July 1 of each academic year, $2,500 is deposited in each faculty member’s travel and research account. The allowance is for travel to professional meetings or for research purposes. It is administered as flexibly as possible. Send forms directly to the Office of the Controller for payment or reimbursement. All expenditures must be sent to the controller’s office early in July for the prior year’s allocation, the exact deadline to be communicated by email each June.  Please note that funds cannot be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.

Modest Requests for Support

Please contact Dean Sarat with modest requests for funding for research and travel and for funding for field trips.

Internal Funding to Support Research

For information about internal and external funding programs that support the work of the faculty, including the Faculty Research Award Program (FRAP), please visit the dean of the faculty’s funding page.  Please note that grants ranging from $1,000 to 30,000 may be requested through the FRAP.


Faculty, staff, and students traveling one hundred miles from home or more on a college-sponsored trip have an emergency medical assistance benefit through Five Colleges, Inc. with AIG Travel Assist.  A college-sponsored trip is any trip related to a faculty’s member’s research, courses, or official college business. Examples include professional/academic conference attendance, research, or official college visits.  The benefit covers the Amherst College employee only; dependents and spouses are not covered, but coverage can be purchased through AIG travel assist by the employee. For more information, visit Health and Emergency Medical Assistance. For more information please see the Travel Policy.

Student Research Assistants

Support for student research assistants is available through the Gregory S. Call Academic Internships Program. Faculty may also make use of their own research funds to support student assistants. Faculty who are supervising student research assistants should be aware of college employment policies. All students who are to be paid through the college payroll should obtain Student Employment Authorization Forms from the Office of Financial Aid, and rates must conform to college schedules.

 Library Support for Research

If faculty members notice gaps in their fields in the library’s collections and want to have books purchased, they should contact Susan Sheridan at 2850 or the research and instruction librarian for their department.