Welcome to the Amherst College 2018 Accreditation web site. This site, which will be updated regularly, provides information about accreditation and the self-study process. 

Current Accreditation Status

Colleges in the New England region have a regular ten-year cycle of review by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE), a division of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Amherst completed its most recent cycle in January 2009, when the president was notified by the CIHE that the college’s accreditation had been renewed on November 20, 2008.  In March 2013, the CIHE notified Amherst that the commission had accepted the college's interim report and provided a letter with the CIHE's findings. In accordance with its normal policy, the CIHE has scheduled Amherst for its ten-year comprehensive evaluation in spring 2018.

About the Reaccreditation Process

Accreditation review is a three-step process that entails a self-study by the institution, a visit to campus by a team of peer evaluators, and the team’s written evaluation and recommendations. As of July 1, 2016, the NEASC-CIHE will adopt revised standards of accreditation. The revised standards are available on the CIHE web site

Amherst is currently in the early stages of planning for the 2018 reaccreditation review.

A summary of completed and projected activities will be updated regularly and is available here.

Amherst Reaccreditation Archive

2013 Amherst Fifth-Year Interim Report to NEASC

2013 NEASC Letter Accepting Interim Report 

2008 Amherst Self-Study Report to NEASC

2008 NEASC Evaluation Team Report

2009 NEASC Accreditation Letter