Seniors should first consult with their faculty advisors about the appropriateness of an application for grants from the Alpha Delta Phi Fund and the David P. Patchel Memorial Fund. Grants generally do not exceed $1,200, however, domestic travel grants may be awarded up to $1,500 and international travel grants may be awarded up to $2,000. Applications will be reviewed only twice during the academic year. The deadlines for these review periods are: October 19 and February 15.

Applicants must submit an online application located here.

A single Word document that includes the following information must be uploaded with the online application in order to be complete. Include your name, box number, email address, and title of proposal at the top of the first page.

PAGE 1: A description and justification of your project that clearly describes your methodology-how you plan to do this work.

PAGE 2: A one-page grant proposal, describing the ways in which receipt of grant monies would contribute to your project. This proposal should be explicit about the relationship between your general ideas and these expenditures and it should explain in detail how the grant would be used to secure relevant materials or research opportunities not otherwise available at the College (e.g., equipment to be purchased, libraries to be visited). Please include evidence of special training (i.e., in photography, filmmaking or if planning to do primary archival work) if your proposed project requires these skills.

PAGE 3: A one-page budget proposal, detailing all anticipated expenditures.

REQUIRED: An online Letter of Support must be completed by your project advisor in support of your application. Advisors should review applicant's materials and the letter of support should comment on the appropriateness and feasibility of the applicant's budget.

OPTIONAL: If your project involves international travel, please register your trip with the Amherst College Travel Registry. In addition, you must upload a copy of your signed International Travel Waiver of Liability. If you are under 18 years old, both you and your parents must sign the waiver.  For additional information, please visit the AIG/Travel Guard Program and the Study Abroad website for information on Health and Emergency Medical Assistance.