The first annual Dean’s Retreat for all faculty and instructional staff was held on May 18th, 2016, with a focus on Inclusive Pedagogies involving the following topics:

  • High school and college student populations today: What has changed nationally?
  • Creating inclusive and engaging classroom environments for all students
  • Talking about race, class, gender, and other difficult topics in the classroom
  • Incorporating inclusive practices in STEM courses

Almost 120 participants attended, including 80 faculty and 40 instructional staff. All academic departments were represented at the Retreat. Presenters and facilitators included: Margery Ginsberg (University of Illinois at Chicago); Stephen John Quaye (Miami University Ohio); Jacqueline Smith (UMass Amherst); Buffy Aries (Amherst College); and Christopher Bjork (Vassar College). Click here for profiles of the presenters.

Where can I watch videos from the Retreat?

Click here for video of the morning session: 2016 Dean's Retreat Videos

Here are videos for the specific talks from the morning session:

What's next?

  • Fall 2016 follow-up reading groups:

    The Teaching & Learning Collaborative is organizing two reading groups in Fall 2016 to follow-up on themes from the Retreat. These are:
  • Fall 2016 presentations:

    The Teaching & Learning Collaborative is also organizing two presentations in the Fall semester to continue the conversation from the Retreat. These are:
    • Stephen John Quaye and Chris Linder, workshop on inclusive teaching: Friday, October 21st -- save the date, details TBA.
    • Buffy Aries, talk on further research on pedagogical methods to address intergroup difference: Late October, TBD.

  • Bibliography of resources:

    The Research & Instruction Librarians have put together a list of references cited at the Retreat. Click here for the list.

  • Book distributions:

    Attendees at the Retreat received complimentary copies of books by the main speakers. Since there was a limited quantity available, those who did not receive a copy of a particular book signed up for extra copies. Those copies are now available and will be distributed to those who requested a copy.

  • Teaching & Learning Collaborative programming and support:

    Throughout the 2016-2017 academic year, the newly launched Teaching & Learning Collaborative will be facilitating talks, workshops, and discussion series related to inclusive teaching. Stay tuned for details and check out the TLC's events page. Members of the Teaching & Learning Collaborative are also available for consultations and support on any area of course design related to inclusive teaching practices and strategies. Please visit the Collaborative's website for more information and contact either the TLC Director (Jyl Gentzler) or the TLC Associate Director (hari stephen kumar) to set up a consultation.

  • Student resource centers:

    As part of the new Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Directors of student resource centers (and particularly the Multicultural Resource Center, Queer Resource Center, and the Women's and Gender Center) are available to meet with faculy and staff to discuss matters related to student diversity and inclusive teaching practices.

  • Next Dean's Retreat: Late-summer 2017!

    Stay tuned for news from the Dean of Faculty's Office regarding the next Dean's Retreat, scheduled for late summer in 2017 and timed to happen shortly before the start of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Where can I find out more information about the 2016 Retreat?

Click here for an archived page listing the Retreat's goals and members of the organizing committee.