All lunches are in the Mullins and Faerber Rooms, Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons, Valentine Dining Hall.

Teaching and Advising Program (TAP) Lunches 2014-2015

Friday, November 21, Noon to 1:30 p.m.
“Ensuring the Optimal Student Experience: Minimizing Unconscious Bias”

Mullins Faerber Rooms, Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons

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In this session, we will unpack the causes of unconscious bias, and learn to recognize and minimize its influence on our interactions with students.  Research show that unconscious bias is automatic, ubiquitous in society, and informed by our individual experiences and perceptions of others.  How do these biases impact the way we teach and develop curriculum?  How can we manage our biases in ways that help create more inclusive and engaging learning environments?  In this session participants will explore strategies for lessening the negative impacts of unconscious bias.  We will be joined by Robbin Chapman, associate provost and academic director of diversity and inclusion at Wellesley College. We hope you will join us. (Read ahead material).

Friday, January 30, Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Mentoring: Opportunities and Challenges

Mullins Faerber Rooms, Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons

Colleges and universities are being increasingly intentional and purposive about the ways faculty are supported early on their careers. What were once taken-for-granted and informal practices are being brought to light and formalized.  We will consider what makes mentoring effective and helpful, as well as what may be some of the barriers to good mentoring. We will be joined by Becky Wai-Ling Packard, associate dean of the faculty, professor of psychology and education, and director of the Harriet L. and Paul M. Weissman Center for Leadership at Mount Holyoke College. We hope you will join us.