Dean of the Faculty

Technology Support for Teaching and Research

Project in Innovative Curriculum and Teaching (PICT)

This initiative is designed to support, stimulate, and advance faculty-driven experimentation with the curriculum, pedagogy, and a broad range of other disciplinary and interdisciplinary endeavors.  Through the PICT program, grants are awarded to Amherst faculty who wish to innovate in a variety of ways--from exploring new ways to collaborate with colleagues to develop new courses, to restructuring courses to incorporate new knowledge, to experimenting with new ways to integrate technology into teaching. The PICT was established with the goal of advancing Amherst's collective conversation about teaching, including, but not limited to, the uses of technology in an array of arenas and the possibilities that online education offers.  For more information, click here.

Academic Technology Development Program (ATDP)

The Academic Technology Development Program (ATDP) will run concurrently with the PICT. The use of technology in teaching and research is an increasingly important component of the academic environment and promises to continue to be in the future. The intent of the Academic Technology Development Program is to allow faculty the opportunity to enhance their teaching and research through collaboration with the Department of Information Technology on projects that require technological expertise or innovation. The Faculty Computing Committee (FCC) provides oversight for the ATDP as part of that committee’s role in prioritizing the allocation of IT resources.  If faculty need IT resources for projects that do not fit the criteria for a PICT initiative, as described on the PICT page, they should submit a proposal to the ATDP using the form at the bottom of the Academic Technology Projects page, For more information, click here.