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Students of the Class of 2017,

Welcome to Amherst! 

The information on this page is for freshmen students interested in Biology, excerpted from our Biology Majors page:  

Most students should begin with BIOL-181 "Adaptation and the Organism" in the spring semester of their first year and BIOL-191 "Molecules, Genes & Cells" in the fall semester of their sophomore year.  This will require completing MATH-111 "Intro to the Calculus" and CHEM-151 "Introductory Chemistry" or their equivalents--in the student's first year.   Students with a Biology AP score of 5 who wish to place out of either course must first seek permission from the Biology Department.  During their time at Amherst, students placing out of BIOL-181 must substitute a course from category 3c (evolutionary explanations); students placing out of BIOL-191 must substitute a course from category 3a (molecular and cellular mechanisms).  Students placing out of BIOL-181 or BIOL-191, or in exceptional cases both, must take a minimum of four semesters of laboratory work (1 intro + 3 upper-level labs or 4 upper-level labs).

CHEM-151 "Introductory Chemistry" and/or CHEM-161 "Chemical Principles" are requisites for several Biology courses. Students are therefore encouraged to take CHEM-151 (or CHEM-155 "Fundamental Chemical Principles") in the fall of their first year, particularly students whose planned courses emphasize integrative processes or cellular and molecular mechanisms. Students preparing for graduate study in life sciences should consider taking CHEM 221 "Organic Chemistry I" and CHEM-231 "Organic Chemistry II", PHYS-117 "Electromagnetism & Optics", and a course in statistics in addition to the minimum requirements for the Biology major. Note that CHEM-221  and CHEM-231 are requisites for BIOL-331 "Biochemistry", and that prior completion of PHYS-117 or PHYS-124 "Maxwellian Synthesis" is recommended for BIOL-351 "Neurophysiology."

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