The Department of Biology

Biology students and faculty at Amherst are engaged in studyingContact: Biology Dept. Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002-5000
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how living organisms function, develop, reproduce, interact, behave, and evolve. We offer courses for students with career interests in biology, and courses for students who are not majoring in science but who wish to study modern biology as part of liberal arts education.

Close collaboration between faculty and students is a hallmark of Biology at Amherst.  Several opportunities exist for students to join a research laboratory, including working part time as a research assistant during the academic semester, undertaking an independent (or special topics) study, or full time as a fellow in the summer months.  In addition, we have a robust departmental honors program often involving research completed during both the summer and senior year and a great track record of sending students to the best graduate and professional schools in the country.   

Faculty and students frequently travel to and give presentations at national scientific conferences, and publish jointly authored articles.  Link to faculty profiles that highlight research and publications with students or to a list of departmental publications.

The departmental 3+4 committee is a a student-faculty group working toward increasing communication among students and faculty within the Amherst College Biology Department. While their chief role is to be an outlet for majors' comments, concerns, and suggestions about the Department and the classes that it offers, they also coordinate a variety of academic and social events for the Department.  Current members of the 3+4 committeee.

Female student working at microscope.


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