Seminars & Events

Tue, May 2, 2017


BIOL-450 Physiology Poster Session

Public Poster Session for BIOL-450: Seminar in Physiology
For fourteen weeks, seven students and one professor have traveled through the history of neurophysiology. Now these students want to introduce you to the pioneers of our time to show you the future of neurophysiology.
• Evanna Gleason presented by Hayley Crosbie-Foote
• Dwight Bergles presented by Sarah Felleman
• Christian Hansel presented by Eduardo Guadarrama
• Bert Sakmann presented by Shaunpaul Jones
• Ben Barres presented by Janet Nguyen
• Robert Malenka presented by AJ Poplin
• Thomas Südhof presented by Cristian Ramirez
All Interested Students and Faculty are Invited to Attend!
Refreshments Served