Courses in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies

Spring 2025

AMST 204: The Asian American Experience, Pawan Dhingra
AMST 208: Asian Pacific American Sports: Clever Headers and Warriors, Robert Hayashi
AMST 240: Rethinking Pocahontas, Kiara Vigil (counts  towards the comparative race
and indigeneity track)
AMST 385/ENGL 413: Imagining History, Lisa Brooks (counts towards the
comparative race and indigeneity track)
ANTH 296: Racial Consciousness and the Asian American Perspective, Victoria Nguyen
HIST 158/SWAG 158: Intro to Asian American History, Christine Peralta
HIST 242-99/SWAG 242-99: U.S. History and Food, Christine Peralta
HIST 252/SWAG 252: History of Race, Gender, and Comics, Christine Peralta
HIST 348/SWAGS 348: History of Asian American Women, Christine Peralta
HIST 407: Asian American History Theory and Methods, Christine Peralta
HIST 459: America and Vietnam, Vanessa Walker
ECON 223: The Economics of Migration, Caroline Theoharides
ENGL 291: AAPI Critiques, Nozomi Nakaganeku Saito
ENGL 305: Queering Asian America, Nozomi Nakaganeku Saito
ENGL 309: Asian American and Pacific Poetry and Lyric, Sony Coráñez Bolton
ENGL 366: Asian American Writing Across/Between Genres, Thirii Myint
ENGL 474: Transpacific Ecologies and Narratives, Nozomi Nakaganeku Saito
HIST 208: Spain and the Pacific World, 1571-1898, Ted Melillo
HIST 462: Hawai‘i: Capital of the Pacific World, Ted Melillo
POSC 263: Post-Colonial Nationalism, Amrita Basu (counts towards The Pacific World,
Asia, and America track)
Research Colloquium: Islanders Abroad in the Nineteenth Century, Ted Melillo
SOCI 337: Dilemmas of Diversity, Ron Lembo
SOCI 380: Whitewashing Race, Ron Lembo
SPAN 361: Chino: Asian Américas, Sony Coráñez Bolton

5 Colleges A/P/A

Amherst College students are also eligible to take classes through the Five Colleges A/P/A certificate program. Up to two Five Colleges Courses will count toward the major.

Special Topics

Students who have a specific topic that they wish to explore in further depth can apply to take a Special Topics course with faculty affiliated with the AAPI Studies major. Students should speak with their advisor and the faculty member who will teach the course before submitting the Special Topics application.