Courses in American Studies

Fall 2014

AMST-111 Global Valley

Lisa Brooks (Section 01)
Francis G. Couvares (Section 02)
Robert T. Hayashi (Section 03)

AMST-205 Whose Game? Sports in America

Robert T. Hayashi (Section 01)

AMST-232 Racialization in the U.S.: The Asian/Pacific/American Experience

Sujani K. Reddy (Section 01)

AMST-240 Rethinking Pocahontas: An Introduction to Native American Studies

Kiara M. Vigil (Section 01)

AMST-260 Latino Migration:  Labor, Lifestyle and Legality

Leah C. Schmalzbauer (Section 01)

AMST-274 Native American Literature:  Decolonizing Intellectual Traditions

Lisa Brooks (Section 01)

AMST-302 Globalization, Inequality and Social Change

Leah C. Schmalzbauer (Section 01)

AMST-496 Capstone Project

Leah C. Schmalzbauer (Sections 01 and 02)