Courses in Architectural Studies

Spring 2021

ARCH-152 Visual Culture of the Islamic World

Yael R. Rice (Section 01)

ARCH-157 The Postcolonial City

Dwight A. Carey (Section 01)

ARCH-204 Housing, Urbanization, and Development

Gabriel A. Arboleda (Section 01)

ARCH-209 Space and Design: Intermediate Studio Architecture

Rachael Chase (Section 01)

ARCH-240 Women in Architecture

Margaret B. Vickery (Section 01)

ARCH-241 The Age of Michelangelo: Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture

Nicola Courtright (Section 01)

ARCH-261 The Architecture of Race

Ashlie A. Sandoval (Section 01)

Related Courses

ARHA-111 Drawing I (Course not offered this semester.)
ARHA-214 Sculpture I (Course not offered this semester.)
MATH-106 Calculus with Elementary Functions (Course not offered this semester.)
MATH-111 Introduction to the Calculus (Course not offered this semester.)