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Fayerweather Hall, Pruyne Lecture Hall (115)

In 2017, scholars realized that the Cleveland Museum of Art incorrectly reconstructed a monumental 1,500-year-old Cambodian sculpture. To explain the fraught conservation history, the sculpture’s journey to Cleveland, its Hindu myth and the meaning of the work for those who made it, the museum organized an innovative exhibition consisting of four digital and two sculptural galleries. The exhibition curator shares her insights into how technology can transform esoteric content into an inspiring experience for all audiences.

This event is sponsored by the Georges Lurcy Lecture Series Fund at Amherst College.

Image caption:
Conjectural Digital Reconstruction of Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhan. Digital modeling by Dale Utt; LiDAR scans and photogrammetry by David Korzan, Konstanty Kulik, and Michał Mierzejewski, ©Cleveland Museum of Art.

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