Art and the History of Art

Department of Art & the History of Art

Fayerweather Hall 1

Fayerweather Hall, home of the Department of Art and the
History of Art, Amherst College

Professors Abiodun, Courtright, Keller, Kimball†, Morse*, Staller*, and R. Sweeney (Chair); Senior Resident Artists Garand and Gloman; Assistant Professor Levine; Visiting Assistant Professor Cohen; Visiting Artist-in-Residence Ewald (fall); Five College Visiting Associate Professor Falk (spring); Keiter Fellow and Assistant Professor Rice; Visiting Lecturers Culhane, Meyer, Troyen (fall) Vickery and Young (spring).

* On leave 2015-16.
† On leave fall semester 2015-16.
‡ On leave spring semester 2015-16

The Department of Art and the History of Art offers students a singular means within the College to develop artistic awareness, historical understanding, critical faculties and practice in the visual arts. Students across the College may accomplish these objectives by taking introductory to advanced courses in art history and studio practice.  To identify and serve individual interests and goals, the department major is organized into two distinct programs: The History of Art and The Practice of Art:

History of Art Concentration                        Practice of Art Concentration

We encourage students to study with all members of the department. Students may switch from one concentration to the other within the department, as long as they have fulfilled the requirements of that concentration by graduation.