Course Offerings

You need not have studied Japanese before entering Amherst to join our program. Many who do take Japanese here have neither heard nor seen the Japanese language before coming to Amherst. Some may have had a little exposure, and still others may already have taken a few years of Japanese at high school or elsewhere. We welcome all students with different backgrounds in our program. If you have previously studied Japanese or have had some exposure to the language, and want to ask questions about our program, please contact the Director of the Program before registering for classes (please e-mail your questions to Wako Tawa).

The following courses are the sequential courses of the Japanese language at Amherst College. All courses are offered in both fall and spring semesters. See "Course catalogue" for their descriptions.

First Level Japanese 101 Japanese 102 Japanese 103
Second Level Japanese 201 Japanese 202 Japanese 203
Third Level Japanese 301 Japanese 302  
Fourth Level Japanese 401 Japanese 402  
Fifth Level Japanese 411 Japanese 412  
Kanji Class (half course) Japanese 209H Japanese 210H  
Special Topics Japanese 290, 290H Japanese 390, 390H Japanese 490, 490H