The Doshisha Asian Studies prize from the income of a gift from Amherst House, Doshisha University, is awarded for the best undergraduate honors thesis pertaining to Asia. Recommendations are made by the Asian Languages and Civilizations Faculty for work that exemplifies an understanding of Asian culture in a liberal arts context.

Past Winners


  • Edmund Kennedy - Enduring Defeat: An Analysis of the U.S. Civil Administration’s Impact on Okinawan Autonomy and Memory, 1945-1972


  • Olivia Doyle - (Mis)Representing the Ainu: The History and Politics of Ainu Exhibition in Japan’s National Museums


  • Lexi Ma - The Coveted Passage: Illegal Migration from Fuzhou to the United States in the Late 20th Century
  • Sabir MeahAbrahamic Pagans? The Search for the Mysterious Qur’anic Audience in Mecca 


  • Shreeansh Agrawal - Moving Out, Looking In: Representation in the Globalized Indian Contemporary Art Scene from 2000 to 2015
  • Julia Marie Cárdenas - One Dot in a Million: Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms and the Impact of Social Media


  • Jamie Mason McNamaraHybridity, Revolution, and Madame Nhu in French Colonial Vietnam


  • Michael Bessey - From Poetry to Politics: The Shahnameh and Conversion to Iranian Nationalism


  • Siyu Feng - From Istanbul to Kashgar: Ahmet Kemal's Education Mission to Chinese Turkestan, 1885-1917 


  • Gabriela EspinosaAmma, The Hindu Hugging Saint: Embodied Devotion, Transnational Belief, and the Creation of a Rose-scented Ministry


  • Chen JiangDaughter of Art History: Three Case Studies of Morimura Yasumasa's Female Impersonation


  • Yi Lu - Constructing the Republican Line: Workers of Kunming-Haiphong Railway, 1903-1910
  • Catherine MorseElvers to Kabayaki: From the Backwoods of Maine to the Markets of Japan, the Amazing Journey of the American Eel


  • Bobbi Mason - Remembering, Rebuilding, Redefining Hiroshima: The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  • Alice Wang - Ai Weiwei: The Politics of Art in Postmodernity


  • Sarah Schear - Valuing Daughters: Contestations of Kinship and Activism Surrounding Sex-Selective Abortion in India


  • Roman Gautman -  Indian Opinions on Tibet: The Indian Press, Foreign Policy, and the Emergence of Popular Sympathy for Tibet, 1947-2962
  • Alicia CicconeThe Class of 1978:  New Waves in Music and the Chinese Diaspora


  • Charles C. Hall - Tales of the Brave Fish: Whaling, Nation, and Nature in Contemporary Japan


  • Ross Wolfarth - Not Charity for the Poor but Life to the Dead:  Protestant Missionaries and the Great North China Famine of 1876-1879


  • Lola Milholland - Bitter Medicine, Luscious Delicacy: A Cultural History of Beef in Modern Japan


  • John Kim - And Then Went Down the Navel...the Opacitization of Language in Chinese and English Poetry and Literature
  • Douglas Schrashun - The Sage of the Sakyas Meets the God of Manga: Tezuka Osmu's Interpretation of the Buddha Biography


  • Joshua SkilesBuildings in Dialogue with Tradition: Hara Hiroshi's Kyoto Station Building and the Works of Takamatsu Shin
  • Erin Tanaka - Someone Else's Problem: Purity, Impurity, and the Social Construction of AIDS in Japan


  • Olga A. Zlotnik - Japanese "Parasite Single" Women in the Mecca of Haute Couture
  • Geoffrey Brounell - The Japanese Prime Minister


  • Megan Lau


  • Margaret Smart - A Conscious Balance: Japanese Women Creating Roles in Transition


  • Reginald Jackson - A Robe by Any Other Name: An Investigation of Robe Katami in Japanese Literature and Drama


  • George Solt - The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance: A Fragile Linchpin of Stability in East Asia


  • Fumiaki Tosu - Okinawa, The 1950's Land Struggle


  • Andrew Hecht - Have Your World and Eat it Too
  • Victor Hu
  • Amy Stone - From the Kitchen We Can See the World: Collective Identity, Personal Transformation, and Lifestyle Politics in Japan's Seikatsu Club Cooperative


  • Senoe Torgerson - Journeys: A Bi-Cultural Account of the Shikoku Eighty-Eight Temple Pilgrimage


  • Venessa Fong - Iron Girls, Model Workers, Virtuous Wives, and Good Mothers: Gender Inequality and Elite Constructions of Urban Womanhood in the People's Republic of China


  • Kevin Carr - Rising from the Earth: A Study of the Freer Jizo bosatsu reigenki emaki and the Transformation of Jizo Belief in Kamakura Period Japan
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