Each year a portion of the income from this endowed Fund will be allocated to support two annual senior awards, the "Smith Prize(s)," to recognize high-achieving students who have studied Japanese within the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations.

Past Winners


1st prize:  Jeffrey Ma

2nd prize: David Metacarpa


1st prize split between Fiona Guo and Kendall Levine
2nd prize: Kai Glashausser


1st prize split between Lucy Carlson and Gwi Park
2nd prize split between Olivia Doyle and Rafael Vanin Munoz


1st prize split between Ang Li and Teresa Haberstroh

2nd prize split between Madison Taylor and Maria Moreno


1st prize: Theodore Miles Perez

2nd prize split between Sarah Misaki McDonald and Leslikarina Patino Martinez


1st prize: Allison Lee

2nd prize: Not Awarded 


1st prize split between Emily Ratte and Mashiyat Zaman

2nd prize split between Fawzi Itani and Mei Zhou