Asian Languages and Civilizations cover four cultural areas—Japan, China, South Asia, and West Asia and it offers Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese language classes. 

Placement Test Information


If you have questions about placement in Arabic, please contact Sr. Lecturer Mohamed Hassan.   


Students who have questions about placement tests should contact Sr. Lecturer Tong Shen. If you have taken Chinese in high school or another setting and feel you should start at second-year level and up, please go to this link for the Chinese placement test to take the test. The written test will take an hour, and the oral one will be five minutes.  You can only take the test once.   (Non-Amherst five-college students can sign in from Moodle as a guest. If you are a high school student wishing to take the placement test, you must visit the college IT service desk on the first floor of Seelye-Mudd and bring a photo ID.)

On the first day, please report to the class that you feel you should be enrolled in since it will take us some time to know exactly your proficiency level.  We can then make adjustments later.  


Students with questions regarding our Japanese classes should contact Wako Tawa. Students who have never studied Japanese, even if they know a few phrases in Japanese and some Japanese characters, should sign up for JAPA 101-01. Students who studied Japanese either in high school or in other settings or speaks Japanese at home should fill out the background information sheet (below) and send it to Wako Tawa. They will hear back from someone from the Japanese Language Program promptly.

 All Japanese classes at Amherst are “unscheduled,” which means that the class time is not noted for registration purposes. Each semester a few days before classes begin, the teacher-in-charge of each class will email the students enrolled in her class and ask the students to submit their class schedules. Students should submit their class schedules as soon as possible to their teacher. It is required that all students attend classes four days a week, which consist of two days of peer practice sessions and two days of assessment sessions.

For Japanese placement information, please read these PDF's: