In addition to the course requirements, all BCBP majors must complete the BCBP comprehensive requirements, which are detailed below.

Comprehensive requirements:

1. Attendance at 6 or more BCBP approved seminars during your senior year. Please check the BCBP website regularly for updated seminar information. Please keep a record (date, seminar speaker) of the seminars you have attended and submit the list to your BCBP advisor by March 9th of your senior year. Seminars at other 5-college campuses can count toward the seminar requirement, but please check with your BCBP advisor ahead of time to make sure that the seminar content is appropriate to count toward the major.

2. Presentation of a paper to a committee of BCBP faculty. For this second component of the comprehensive requirement you will work with your committee to select a paper from the BCBP literature and then schedule a discussion of its contents with the committee. You will need to have completed your discussion no later than March 9 of your senior year.

If you are pursuing thesis work in BCBP, please click on the “Information for Thesis Students” link for further thesis-specific BCBP requirements.