In addition to the course requirements, all BCBP majors must complete the BCBP comprehensive requirements, which are detailed below.

Comprehensive requirements (to be fullfilled by March of the senior year):

1. Attendance at 6 or more BCBP approved seminars during your senior year. For AY22-23, it will be possible to remotely or in-person attend seminars or webinars, please register that attendance via the Google Form: BCBP Seminars for Comprehensive Requirement.  If you have any questions you may contact Ms. Catherine Stillerman.  Please check with your BCBP advisor ahead of time to make sure that the seminar content is appropriate to count toward the major.

2. The second element is to present a research paper and engage in discussion around that paper with two BCBP faculty members.

  • For thesis writers, this presentation can be based on a paper related to you thesis topic, and should be presented before the end of the Fall semester.
  • For all other seniors majors, attendance at a paper presentation workshop in the beginning  of the spring semester is required.  This workshop, along with discussions with your Advisor, will help guide you in paper selection, reading, and presentation.  The paper presentation should occur before the spring break. 

If you are pursuing thesis work in BCBP, please visit the “Information for Thesis Students” page for further thesis-specific BCBP requirements.