Charting your own path through the BCBP major

Because of the need to build several math and science foundations on which advanced courses rely, the BCBP major requires careful planning. There is great variation in the way different BCBP majors navigate the major.  Here are some useful tools for charting your path through the major:

  • Getting Started in the Major
  • Tabular list of requirements
  • Pay attention to restrictions you have on your schedule, such as athletic comitments in one semester or another, or plans for a semester abroad, or other obligatioins you might have...these may influence how many lab courses you might want to take in particular semesters
  • Talk with BCBP students; remember they've been there, and remember to talk to different students
  • Talk with BCBP faculty about options and information about available courses; remember that we've worked with many students to craft successful paths forward, and would love to share that expertise with you as you launch your own path
  • Set yourself up to take your favorite classes early on; this will open up new doors in areas of interest to you (such as advanced courses, research opportunities, and summer internships), and will ensure that you have more than one chance to take the class, in case there is a conflict in your schedule.  
  • The BCBP required courses are only the minimum; if your schedule allows it, plan to go beyond the minumum requirements by adding extra biology/chemistry/physics courses to your liking, or by venturing into related STEM fields, such as mathematics and statistics, computer sciences, and geology.