BCBP faculty are engaged in research that involves biochemical and/or biophysical inquiries, and are eager to welcome BCBP students to join their research endeavors. Research programs are housed in the home departments of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, but they reach across departmental boundaries, intersecting in exciting ways that make up the BCBP research community that is integrated into the home departments of the faculty. Students who are interested in taking on a full year senior research project after having developed course-based skills, may choose to complete a BCBP senior honors thesis. This requires a commitment of 3 "courses," one in the fall (BCBP 498) and two in the spring (BCBP 499D) of the senior year. Note that a thesis is an optional component of the BCBP major, and these three course credits do not fulfill any BCBP major requirement. 

Specialized coursework prepares students for research in different areas, therefore students should use their sophomore and junior years to pursue subjects of particular interest to them so as to open up research opportunities in the senior year. Students interested in pursuing a BCBP thesis must have a minimum grade average of B- in BCBP-required courses by the end of their junior fall semester OR the consent of a BCBP faculty research mentor.

In the early spring of their junior year, BCBP majors are invited by the Chair to a meeting at which the BCBP honors program and the application process is explained. A student’s thesis project will be in an area of ongoing research under the supervision of a BCBP faculty member. Interested students are not required to have a pre-selected research project or research mentor; students will use the early spring to hear about and discuss potential research projects with BCBP faculty. Prior work in a particular research lab is not a requirement, nor a guarantee, for thesis work.

For more information on the range of research projects that BCBP students can participate in, please visit Information for Prospective Thesis Students, and remember to take courses in areas of interest to you, as your coursework will open up skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to particular research projects. Talk to your BCBP faculty and current honors students to become familar with ongoing research.