The Amherst Biology Imaging Center is used for research and teaching purposes.  Several departments at Amherst College have access to the facility that is managed by our imaging specialist.

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Reference Materials for Students:

  • CellBASE for Research resources, Forums and Blogs, Model Organisms, Methods, Protocols, Tutorials, Simulation and Animation and related resources
  • Molecular Expressions for Photo Galleries, Imaging Tutorials, Videos, LSM and Simulations
  • Nikon Microscopy U for general microscopy education, Tutorials, Galleries and Downloads
  • Olympus Microscopy Resource Center for Physics, Anatomy and Tecnique
  • University of Arizona-Cellular Imaging Facility for General and Historical information on Confocal Theory and Operation, also Optics and Hardware
  • Purdue University has several Powerpoint Lecture Slides on different aspects of microscopy including confocal.
  • ZEISS has tutorials and articles on Education in Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Principles of Confocal MicroscopyPrinciples of Confocal Microscopy by Karen Lovely-Leach


Student Work:

 PLC gamma in Fertilized Sea Urchin Eggs by Michelle Huynh '11

PLC gammaPolyspermyTriple stain 2Triple stain
          Telophase               Polyspermy           Triple staining             Enlarged
          Green - PLC gamma       Blue - DNA       Red - Endoplasmic Reticulum

Z-Series ER in L. pictus Egg, by Burr Fong '08

Slice 1Slice 2Slice 3Slice 4Slice 5
Slice 6Slice 7Slice 8Slice 9NE and Nucleus

Click on the movie file to view: z-series movie  of Endoplasmic Reticulum in the sea urchin egg post fertilization.



Archive of former confocal users:

Poccia Lab
Former confocal users
An urchin has eggs!


A former student going after those precious eggs.
Professor Poccia was a faculty expert on confocal microscopes 


Confocal Crew
Confocal Consulting


Former confocal users 
It's not uncommon to see students consulting with one another