Our Biology Department has many pieces of specialized equipment to assist in the Department’s shared scientific needs. To maintain a standard use and care between laboratories, training before first using the equipment is required with our Laboratory Technical Specialist. This position oversees the care and use of our specialized equipment and is in charge of training of its proper use.

To obtain training and access to shared equipment:

Please follow these steps:

Step 1) Fill out our training signup form: pending


Step 2) Email the Lab Tech Specialist (and CC your lab professor). In the email, request training of the specific equipment (which you will also enter into the form above).


Step 3) Complete the training and receive approval (via email) to begin using the equipment.

Department Specialized Equipment:

Imaging Systems

The Biology Department offers two systems for gel imagining:

The Axygen Gel Imager offers 302nm UV and 365nm UV light sources.

The Axygen Gel Imager

The Biorad Gel Doc EZ offer four filter trays: a UV tray for 280-300 nm, a Blue tray for 430-440 nm, a White tray for visible spectra, and a Stain-free tray which requires Bio-Rad stain-free gels.

Biorad Gel Doc EZ

Two systems are also available for protein blot imaging:

The Syngene GeneGnome is dedicated to chemiluminescent imaging.
Syngene  GeneGnome
The Licor Odyssey is used for fluorescent imaging of blots, gels, or microplates and uses lasers to simultaneously provide light excitation at 685 and 785 nm.
Licor  Odyssey

 SuperSpeed and UltraCentrifugation

The Biology Department is proud to offer two Sorvall SuperSpeed Centrifuges with a variety of rotors for high speed centrifugations up to 22,000 RPM.

Sorvall SuperSpeed Centrifuges

In addition to the SuperSpeed centrifuges, we also have a Beckman Coulter Optima LE80K UltraCentrifuge with rotors capable of centrifugation speeds of up to 58,000 RPM!

Beckman Coulter Optima LE80K  UltraCentrifuge



Quantification Instruments

The Molecular Devices SpectraMax M4

Spectrophotometer is capable of reading and quantifying Absorbance, Fluorescence, and Luminescence in assays performed over time and at varying temperatures. 

Molecular Devices SpectraMax M4  Spectrophotometer

The Strategene Mx3000p is a real-time PCR system that allows for closed-tube real-time PCR detection with many chemistries including SYBR® Green dye and fluorogenic probe systems.

Strategene Mx3000p

Protein/Nucleic Acid Isolation

The Diagenode Bioruptor Pico is system that uses an ultrasound generator and a water bath to produce indirect sonication waves as a gentle method of sonication to retain the integrity of DNA and/or biological complexes, including chromatin, protein-protein binding, protein-DNA complexes and other biochemical and biological assay systems.

Diagenode Bioruptor Pico

The Qiagen TissueLyser II disrupts biological samples through high-speed shaking with stainless-steel beads.

Qiagen TissueLyser II

The Qiagen QiaCube Connect is a system that automates the isolation of nucleic acids and proteins using Qiagen spin columns. 

Qiagen QiaCube Connect