Courses in Biology

Spring 2013

BIOL-104 Food, Fiber, and Pharmaceuticals

Rachel A. Levin (Section 01)

BIOL-110 Contagion

Alexandra E. Purdy (Section 01)

BIOL-181 Adaptation and the Organism

Ethan D. Clotfelter (Section 01)
Julie Emerson (Section 01)
Jill S. Miller (Section 01)

BIOL-210 Experimental Design and Data Analysis in the Life Sciences

Stephen A. George (Section 01)

BIOL-241 Genetic Analysis of Biological Processes

Caroline E. Goutte (Section 01)

BIOL-260 Animal Physiology

Josef G. Trapani (Section 01)

BIOL-291 Cell Structure and Function

Dominic L. Poccia (Section 01)

BIOL-331 Biochemistry

Anthony C. Bishop (Section 01)
Patrick L. Williamson (Section 01)

BIOL-380 Genome Biology

Michael E. Hood (Section 01)

BIOL-395 Physical laws and biological processes

Stephen A. George (Section 01)

BIOL-410 Seminar in Disease Biology

Michael E. Hood (Section 01)

BIOL-434 Seminar in Ecology

Ethan J. Temeles (Section 01)

BIOL-450 Seminar in Physiology: Classic Papers in Neurophysiology

Josef G. Trapani (Section 01)