Courses in Biology

Fall 2013

BIOL-104 Food, Fiber, and Pharmaceuticals

Rachel A. Levin (Section 01)

BIOL-131 Chemical Basis of Biological Processes

James A. Hebda (Section 01)

BIOL-191 Molecules, Genes and Cells

Julie Emerson (Section 01)
Caroline E. Goutte (Section 01)
Dominic L. Poccia (Section 01)
Alivia L. Price (Section 01)

BIOL-211 Plants as Models in Organismal Biology

Michael E. Hood (Section 01)

BIOL-230 Ecology

Ethan J. Temeles (Section 01)

BIOL-251 Molecular Genetics

Yan Qi (Section 01)

BIOL-271 Microbiology

Alexandra E. Purdy (Section 01)

BIOL-281 Animal Behavior

Ethan D. Clotfelter (Section 01)

BIOL-320 Evolutionary Biology

Jill S. Miller (Section 01)

BIOL-330 Biochemical Principles of Life at the Molecular Level

Sheila S. Jaswal (Section 01)

BIOL-351 Neurophysiology

Josef G. Trapani (Section 01)

BIOL-400 Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

Ashley R. Carter (Section 01)
Patricia B. O'Hara (Section 01)

BIOL-430 Seminar in Behavioral Ecology

Ethan J. Temeles (Section 01)

BIOL-440 Seminar in Conservation Biology.

Rachel A. Levin (Section 01)