Professor Jeeyon Jeong and two students from the Jeong lab, Claire Castellano ’16 and Joye Yang ’17, attended Plant Biology 2016, the annual conference of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). More than 1,300 scientists from about 40 countries participate in this meeting.

Claire Castellano 16 and Joye Yang 17.

“While listening to a variety of intriguing talks throughout the conference, I was struck by the many ways in which plant biology influences our daily lives,” said Castellano, commenting on her experience, “and was inspired by the incredible, novel work being done in these fields.”

Yang adds, “I was greatly impressed by the intensely collaborative atmosphere among scientists pioneering an immense variety of concepts, all working toward goals of understanding plants and applying that knowledge to solve problems that the world faces both today and tomorrow.”

Castellano presented a poster titled “Characterization of a Mitochondrial Ferroportin in Arabidopsis,” which included results from her honors thesis work and Jeong’s unpublished data.  Two other Amherst students, Joye Yang ’17 and Madeline Clyne ’18, were among the co-authors of the poster.  Castellano received the William C. Young Prize in Biology from Amherst College and Jeong received the Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award from ASPB to attend this meeting.