Jeong Lab at Plant Biology 2017

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This July, Professor Jeeyon Jeong and two students, Madeline Clyne '18 and Aleks Merkovich '17, traveled to Honolulu for Plant Biology 2017, the annual conference of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). Plant Biology 2017 was attended by thousands of scientists presenting on topics ranging from calcium signaling and plant-fungal interactions to applied plant biology and science education.



Jeong Photo 2017 3.jpg Madeline and Aleks presented a poster detailing the lab's efforts to characterize Ferroportin 3 (FPN3), a new mitochondrial ferroportin in Arabidopsis. Aleks has been observing gene expression patterns in fpn3 loss-of-function mutant plants, while Madeline has been attempting to determine the directionality of iron transport by FPN3 using yeast. In addition to Madeline's work, the combined efforts of Professor Jeong, Claire Castellano '16, Jingwen Zhang '18, and Angie Kim '19 - all coauthors on the poster - suggest that FPN3 is exporting iron from the mitochondria.

“It was my first time going to a conference, and it was great that I was able to attend after working for just a year in Professor Jeong’s lab,” said Aleks, reflecting on his experience. “I had a wonderful time engaging with other students and scientists, and I learned so many interesting and new things. Plus, it was in Hawaii. What’s not to love!”

 "For me, this was an amazing opportunity to see the scientific community in action,” Madeline added. “The passion and constructive exchange of information I saw at this meeting were so inspiring.”



Jeong Photo 2017 5.jpg This exchange was not limited to the conference, however. Professor Jeong and Aleks also spoke about their research to several local alumni, who were extremely interested not only in the research happening at Amherst, but also how it relates to broader topics like genetic counseling and GMOs. 

At the home of Bryan Luke '97



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The Jeong Lab hopes to represent Amherst again next year at Plant Biology 2018 in Montreal!