“Spatial genetic structure in American black bears (Ursus americanus):
female philopatry is variable and related to population history”

Heredity, 2018, in press

Thea V. Kristensen ● Emily E. Puckett ● Erin L. Landguth ● Jerrold L. Belant ● John T. Hast ●Colin Carpenter ● Jaime L. Sajecki ● Jeff Beringer● Myron Means10 ● John J. Cox ● Lori S. Eggert ● Don White Jr ●Kimberly G. Smith


We detected variation in sex-biased dispersal of black bears and found greater evidence for spatial genetic structure in recently established populations than in historic populations, suggesting a benefit of philopatry in a novel environment. Simulations indicated that higher densities decreased the spatial genetic structure, while females under philopatric conditions counteracted this result by increasing spatial genetic structure.