HOP-1 Presenilin Deficiency Causes Late-Onset Notch Signaling Phenotype that  Affects Adult Germline Function in C. elegans

Volume 208, February 2018 (Epub Dec 2017)

Ipsita Agarwal’13, Cassandra Farnow’13, Joshua Jiang’17,  Kyung-Sik Kim’17, Donna E. Leet’15, Ruth Z. Solomon’16,  Valerie A. Hale, Caroline Goutte

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Functionally redundant genes offer an interesting opportunity  for molecular specialization. Presenilin proteins are known to  be essential for mediating Notch signaling, but it is not known  why many species, including humans, have two different  presenilin genes. Here we discover a unique role for one of the  two presenilin genes of C. elegans (HOP-1). We show that  HOP-1 is essential for maintaining adult germline function, a  role that is not shared by its paralog, the SEL-12 presenilin.

Authors of the paper:

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