Poccia Lab: The Use of Two-Photon FRET-FLIM to Study Protein Interactions during Nuclear Envelope Fusion in vivo and in vitro

Byrne, R.D., Larijani, B. and Poccia, D.L.

2016 Methods in Molecular Biology 1411: in press.
In, The Nuclear Envelope: Methods and Protocols

    FRET–FLIM techniques have wide application in the study of protein and protein–lipid interactions in cells.

The Trapani lab at the 29th Annual N.E.U.R.O.N. Conference

On the last Sunday of February, Prof Trapani took a campus van loaded with 7 students from his lab (6 undergrads plus a UMass graduate student) to the 29th Annual N.E.U.R.O.N. (NorthEast Undergraduate Research On Neuroscience) Conference at Quinnipiac University in CT. Four of the students presented their own research and Christina Hansen ‘17 won best poster out of over 100 posters presented that day. In addition to a keynote talk, the students spent time at the poster session and attending 1-hour workshops before sharing lunch with other conference attendees.