Jeong Lab: Directing iron transport in dicots: regulation of iron acquisition and translocation

Jeeyon Jeong, Aleks Merkovich ‘17, Madeline Clyne ’18 & Erin L. Connnolly

Current Opinion in Plant Biology 39: 106-113. Oct. 2017


Plants are the main source of dietary iron, yet iron uptake by plants is limited.
Iron acquisition and translocation are subject to fine-tuned homeostatic control.
New insight on molecular details of iron uptake and translocation has been revealed.

Purdy Lab: Regulation of acetyl-CoA synthetase transcription by the CrbS/R two-component system is conserved in genetically diverse environmental pathogens

Kristin Jacob, Anna Rasmussen ‘13, Paul Tyler ‘14, Mariah M. Servos ‘14, Mariame Sylla ‘15, Cecilia Prado, Elizabeth Daniele, Josh S. Sharp, and Alexandra E. Purdy

PLOS ONE May 2017