Jeong Lab: Professor Jeong publishes article in The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, July 2016

MacDiarmid CW, Taggart J, Jeong J, Kerdsomboon K, and Eide DJ

“Activation of the yeast UBI4 polyubiquitin gene by Zap1 viaan intragenic promoter is critical for zinc-deficient growth”

Stability of many proteins requires zinc. This work highlights the importance of the ubiquitin-proteasome system for protein homeostasis when zinc supplies are inadequate in cells.

Prof. Trapani and Students Publish Research in Journal of Physiology

Eileen Troconis’15, Alex Ordoobadi’15, Tom Sommers’16, Razina Aziz-Bose’14, Ashley R. Carter and Josef G. Trapani published their research on “Intensity-dependent timing and precision of startle response latency in larval zebrafish” in The Journal of Physiology in May 2016.

Ratner Lab: Use of a Probabilistic Motif Search to Identify Histidine Phosphotransfer Domain-Containing Proteins.

Surujon, D. and Ratner, D. I. (2016).
PLoS One 11(1): e0146577

We present a means for computing the likelihood that proteins in an organism’s proteome fall within a structural class, hence may serve a particular, known function. Our computationally compact method was established using histidine phosphotransfer (HPt) proteins but is more generally applicable