2024 Summer Research Opportunities in Biology


A great way to apply and extend what you have been learning in the classroom and the laboratory is to join an active research lab over the summer. Amherst College and many institutions across the country (and beyond) offer summer undergraduate research programs that typically last about 10 weeks. Descriptions of some of these programs and the applications can be found at the links provided below.

Students are encouraged to apply to multiple programs as there are limited spots in each. Through sending out many applications, most students are successful in obtaining off-campus summer research experiences and internships.

Local Opportunities:

External Opportunities:

For International Students seeking summer research opportunities in the United States: Due to visa restrictions, international students interested in off-campus summer research opportunities must ensure that they are properly authorized to engage in such activities. If the summer internship includes any kind of compensation (salary, stipend, scholarship/grant, housing and meals, transportation, etc.) from a source other than Amherst College, the student must apply to the U. S. Government for "optional practical training" permission. International students should consult the Office of Student Affairs to discuss their plans and initiate the authorization process. Students are encouraged to do so as early as possible, even before a specific internship has been secured, as the authorization process for obtaining permission for off-campus summer internships can take several months.

Amherst College Summer Science Research

Summer Science Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF): For first/second-year students: 2024 applications open January 31, deadline February 20.

The Gregory S. Call Summer Research Program (SRP): The 2024 deadline for submission of proposals is April 22.

Five College Summer Science Research

  • Five College Funded Summer Research Internships: offer students enrolled in the five colleges support for summer research positions at approved marine laboratories.  There are two types of paid summer research opportunities available through Five College Coastal & Marine Sciences. Each of the two internship categories has its own application requirements and deadlines. Seniors may apply only to the Marine Biological Laboratory internships. Contact the program coordinator.

Programs with Many Opportunities in Biology

Programs Emphasizing Ecology / Evolution / Plants / Animals

Programs Emphasizing Molecular Biology/Medicine

Programs Emphasizing Neuroscience

Biology Education

Sites with Lists of Many Programs

International Research

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