The research space in the science center is designed to be open thus encouraging interactions and collaboration amongst researchers in the building. Shared equipment is located throughout the Biology Department. In order for you to conduct your research, you will be granted card access to all research spaces with the exception of a few restricted areas. Please understand that this access is a privilege and comes with responsibilities about proper use of card access and respect of the research space.


  • Never loan cards from one person to another
  • Never prop open doors
  • Never tape over the lock
  • Never admit unauthorized person(s) into buildings/rooms, commonly known as tailgating


  • Ask to use equipment if outside of your immediate lab
  • Receive hands on training, complete log books as needed
  • If you are using equipment while not in the room, leave a note with your name, lab name & contact information
  • Leave the space clean and secure
  • Report all issues immediately

RESTRICTED AREAS- faculty supervisors must contact Maureen Manning to request access for the following:

  • Trapani Fish Room- B328
  • Clotfelter Fish room- B012
  • Field storage- B014
  • Greenhouse- E308, E310, E312
  • Cryo Storage Room (dry ice and liquid nitrogen)- B024A


Access Request Procedure

  • All student researchers must complete the required safety training and submit an Access Agreement Form before card access will be granted.  Download the form or pick up a form in the Biology Main Office, A304, or on the door of B328.  Return completed forms to Maureen Manning, Room B328.
  • Laboratory Teaching Assistants must complete the required safety training but are not required to complete the Access Agreement Form. The course instructor will request card access for all TAs.
  • Faculty and Staff will receive general access when officially hired.


  • Please plan on 1-2 days for processing the request.


  • Please contact Maureen Manning, 542-8328,

                                                                                                                                      October 14, 2019