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Candidates for Honors in Biology, class of 2019, will present Honors thesis projects. The schedule and a complete list of candidates and thesis titles appears below:


3:45 PM Irish Amundson Advisor: Michael Hood
"Density-Dependent Transmission in a Vector-Borne Pathogen"

4:00 PM Rachel Cohen Advisor: Michael Hood
“Coevolution as the Driver of Specificity in Host-Pathogen Interactions”

4:15 PM Augusta Hollers Advisor: Sarah Goodwin
"The Effects of Acoustic Experience on Mate Choice Plasticity in Fall Field Crickets (Gryllus pennsylvanicus) and House Crickets
(Acheta domesticus)"

4:30 PM Jocelyn Hunyadi Advisor: Ethan Clotfelter
"Morphological Predictors of Escape Performance in the Rusty
Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus)"

4:55 PM Leah Kim Advisor: Jeeyon Jeong
"Ferroportin 3: A mitochondrial iron exporter in Arabidopsis thaliana"

5:10 PM Gabby Ro Advisor: Alexandra Purdy
"Multiple modes of cAMP-mediated regulation of the acetate switch in
Vibrio fischeri "

5:25 PM Katie Rosenberg Advisor: Caroline Goutte
“Investigating a Possible Relationship between Germ cell proliferation and Apoptosis in the C. elegans ”

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